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About Us

In practice since 2001, Dr. Adam Lynes at Northgate Chiropractic is here to help our community members live a pain-free, healthy life. We’re conveniently located in the Northgate area of North Edmonton and welcome the opportunity for you to discover how chiropractic care can help your family!


The Northgate Chiropractic Mission

Our mission is to create happy and healthy families!

Our positive environment is just the place for you to start recovering your health. We’ll get you in for your appointment as soon as possible so we can begin your journey to better living. A thorough examination will help us pinpoint the cause of your problems. Based on your unique history and condition, Dr. Lynes will give you specific, effective chiropractic adjustments to relieve your pain and help you feel great!


featured-banner_our-servicesHelp for Pain and Wellness

You’ll find chiropractic care is ideal for pain relief and for helping you to live a life of wellness. Whether you’re sidelined by a chronic or acute problem, or simply find yourself wondering what you can do to be healthier, we’re ready to help you. We love meeting people and seeing their lives change for the better. Our patients’ success stories continually inspire us to help more people!

Get started on improving your health, beginning today! Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.


Dr. Adam Lynes | (780) 488-5353
We’re honoured to be your choice for a North Edmonton Chiropractor!